Here is everything you need to know about the Hansel and Gretel fairytale slot game from Netent

Slot games are definitely one of the most entertaining forms of games you can ever play. brings to you a couple of slot games based out of fairytales and folktales. One popular game in this category is Hansel and Gretel. This game will surely leave you stunned with its quality and graphics.

Top features of this slot game

This is a five-reel game with 3 rows to spin at every level. Tefekkurhazinesi has ensured that every level has its own set of graphical additions that match the fairytale. This makes gaming so much more fun. Once you press the spin button, the game takes you on awesome adventures. Few top features to look out for are:

  • A Return To Player (RTP) percentage of over 96.71
  • Low to medium volatility rate
  • Free spins at all levels

The RTP value tells you how frequently you can make winnings from the game. The higher the RTP, the better it is for you. The volatility rate is how risky the game is. For beginners, a low to medium volatile game is the best. The free spins you get at all levels help you improve your winnings.


What are Random Features?

A very popular feature of this game that makes it a favorite for players across the world is its Random Features. These are free gifts that you get even in non-winning levels. Imagine losing a level and feeling sad about it. The fairy in the game suddenly appears and offers you a random feature.

You might be asked to click the feature to reveal the prize or go for a free spin. You can win up to 31 times your stake with these random features and this makes it so exciting. All through the game, Netent has ensured that you are showered with these gifts and free spins.

Why should you choose this slot game over others?

While all the slot games offered by Netent are amazing in their own way, if you have grown up listening to fairy tales, you will right away warm up to this game. The game is filled with graphical representations of all features of the story making it more entertaining. Here are other favorable features to enjoy.

  • Win up to 15 times your stake when you find treasure chests
  • Get multiplier bonuses when you find the candy house
  • Stumble on wild-respins

Netent has ensured that the Hansel and Gretel game is very generous in offering prizes and winnings. You will keep stumbling upon some forms of gifts, free spins, or treasure coins that you can use to keep playing the game with minimal deposits. This definitely improves the gaming experience and keeps you sated.

The Netent advantage

Unarguably, Netent is one of the top gaming software providers in the world. This brand has more than 20 years of experience creating all kinds of online casino games and slots. The brand only works with licensed and reputed international casino websites and this improves your trust in the games that you choose.

Any game you pick comes with an HD quality trailer that you can watch to understand the game flow. There is also detailed description on what to expect from the game. You can play free versions of the game you like before deciding to deposit money. Not many gaming sites give you this advantage.

Know the golden rules of gaming on Netent to play the slot game better

While Hansel and Gretel is definitely a very engaging game, you will have to follow all the rules of gaming to ensure you enjoy it right. Do not play the game for the winnings it offers. Winnings are not constant and depend on your luck. Play solely for the entertainment aspect of gaming.

  • Do not try and beat the system
  • Do not deposit more than you can lose
  • Do not consider slot games as an income source

All these points will help you see the Hansel and Gretel game for what it exactly is - an entertaining gaming source that can help you win money at times. Always start with small bets and relish the graphical expertise of the game as you keep playing. Try the game and you will definitely love it!